Precision Laser Alignment Pays for Itself

For a Plant with 40 motors, Hamar Laser Shaft Alignment systems
can save you up to $14,092 a year.

  • $12,448 On Energy Savings Estimated net savings for a Year Based on 40 Motors
  • $1,644 On Couplings and bearings Estimated net savings for a Year Based on 40 Motors

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Total Annual Savings

  • $

    Energy savings due
    to precision alignments

  • $

    Savings (reduced repairs,
    bearings, and seals)

  • Save up to


    / Year

Choose Product & Calculate ROI

X-660 3-Axis
Shaft Alignment Laser

  • This is our entry level system featuring Dual-Fan™ technology.
  • With 20 mm PDSs, 3-axis capability and 1-micron resolution it is a great choice for simple or occasional alignments.

X-880 5-Axis
Shaft Alignment Laser

  • This is our affordable top of the line system, with 5-axis capability.
  • With Dual-Beam™ technology, unmatched 0.5-micron resolution and measurement accuracy of 99.85%, it is the choice for larger plants and alignment professionals.

Pays for itself in <9 months

2 Year ROI =
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What our Customers Say

Alignment is a key factor in a good reliability program and Hamar’s X-990 (formerly S-680) helps us generate a quick return-on-investment for our customers. When we start a program, we often see customers experiencing repeat part failures from misalignment. After alignment, failure rates go down dramatically. Power costs go down, too, because misaligned machinery draws more current. This is a kind of “double jeopardy” because that extra current not only costs more but tears up the equipment. So the X-990 (formerly S-680) saves money by reducing failure rates and related downtime expenses, as well as lowering power costs and extending equipment life. Accurate laser alignment truly pays for itself very quickly and helps us keep customers happy!

Kirk Cormany
Condition Monitoring Services

We have used the X-660 (formerly S-660) system now, and it really is good. We used it on an old (circa 1950) crusher motor (200 hp 550 RPM) with a horrible motorbase. It helped us get through the massive soft foot issues reasonably quickly, and the alignment was a breeze once we were done with that. The controls were simple and intuitive, and the touch screen made data entry very quick. The constant updates while we moved the motor made the adjustments very easy. The Bluetooth was also very convenient. It was something we initially thought wasn’t necessary, but with large motors it was very nice to be able to walk around with the display. It had very good range too. We finished with the motor aligned within very tight tolerances. I am very happy with the system. I was able to pick it up, and align a motor accurately the first time, with very little training and no previous alignment experience. Thank you for making such an easy to use and accurate system.

Jeff F.
Roanoke Cement Company

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