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Hamar Laser Instruments, the undisputed leader in laser precision alignment introduces the Stealth Series™* S-670BCRT** shaft alignment system.


The S-670BCRT** is a powerful, high-end laser alignment system with modular upgrades available via simple software updates applied to the Couple6™ alignment software.

The S-670BCRT** is a robust and powerful laser alignment system. When paired with the Couple6™ Shaft Alignment Software and the newly-annouced 8? Consumer Rugged Tablet the S-670BCRT** is offered at a price point that is sure to offer a consumer value based price, without sacrificing features or accuracy. “The Stealth Series™* S-670BCRT** combines robust industrial hardware and an excellent alignment feature set, to enable customers to easily upgrade features as needed” stated Rod Hamar, President of Hamar Laser Instruments.


About Hamar Laser Instruments: Founded and headquartered nearly fifty years ago in Danbury, Connecticut, Hamar Laser Instruments is the undisputed leader in precision laser measurement and alignment. Hamar Laser alignment products are proudly engineered, manufactured, and supported in the United States with sales and support capabilities worldwide. To learn more about Hamar products please visit or


*Now the X-SeriesTM
**Now the X-880


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Couple6 Software™

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" I’m a field vibration analyst with CMS, a company that provides full-service PM support. The [X-990] is the best shaft alignment system I’ve ever used, and I’ve used it to align everything from extremely small pumps to large pumps for power plants. There’s a lot I like about Hamar’s [X-990]: You can leave the heads in one position and make the vertical and horizontal moves, a big time-saving feature. It’s extremely accurate, transmits alignment data wirelessly using Bluetooth and has a very intuitive, easy-to-use software package [Couple6]. It incorporates ambient lighting correction and has a sun filter for outdoor jobs, and it uses a PC tablet instead of a dedicated display. This tool makes us really shine as reliability pros. We’ve been very happy with Hamar Laser and the [X-990]!"
Justin Pope
Vibration Analyst Condition Monitoring Services, Nipomo, CA

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