S-650 Wireless 5-Axis Shaft Alignment System [DISCONTINUED]

S-650 Wireless 5-Axis Shaft Alignment System [DISCONTINUED]

The S-650 Coupling System includes the L-775 Shaft Laser, the T-1275 Five-Axis Wireless Coupling Target, mounting brackets, an IR data link, and Couple4 Alignment Software. Target data is sent instantly via the IR link to the computer for real time processing, analysis and display, and alignment corrections can be viewed as they are made. The laser and target are pre-aligned to the brackets and mount without tools or jigs. Mounting brackets accommodate shafts from 0.5 in. to 12 in. (12.7 mm to 305 mm) without modification, and the largest size can be easily expanded to fit larger shafts. With a fully linearized measurement cell, the S-650 System offers angular accuracy of 10 micro radians. Thermal offsets to 1 inch can be easily accommodated.

L-775 Laser

The L-775 is a low-powered, sealed, dual-beam visible light Class II laser. The laser operates on lithium ion battery and lasts 50 hours of continuous operation on a single charge. The laser beam has horizontal centering adjustment, ensuring quick setup. The visible light beam requires no special viewing devices, allowing a quick initial alignment by eye.

T-1275 Target

The battery-operated T-1275 target features a true 5-axis capability that reads both horizontal and vertical center and angle measurements simultaneously. The 5th axis is the rotation sensor (accelerometer) that allows the target to automatically sense starting and stopping points, eliminating the need to use “clock” positions. A sweep angle of as little as 60º allows the system to work in cramped spaces. Target data is sent instantly via a wireless IR link to a laptop for real-time analysis and display of misalignment data. The 1.65 ” (42 mm) target measuring range easily handles large thermal offsets.

With an upgrade, the T-1275 can operate in full sunlight. A light shield is attached and an electronic light meter displays in the software if the readings are affected by excess background light. About the only thing to affect the readings is if sunlight shines directly into the window, a very difficult thing to do.

A-908 IR Receiver

The A-908 Wireless IR Receiver is a standard wireless data receiver used with all Hamar wireless targets. It uses an infrared, frequency-modulated technology that does not interfere with radio-based communication systems. The receiver has a range of up to 50 feet, depending on the line of sight. It has an acceptance angle of +/- 85º. 8-10 hours of continuous use is provided by a standard 9V battery.

A-907 Bracket Set

These aluminum and stainless steel dual-post mounting brackets feature quick-set speed nuts for nearly instant set-up and can accommodate shaft diameters from 1/2 in. to 5 in. (12.7 mm to 127 mm) with standard chainless bracket, and shaft diameters from 5? to 12 in. (127 mm to 305 mm) the with chain attachment. With extra chain links it can accommodate up to 18? (457 mm) of shaft diameter. It has built-in magnets for shafts with large flanges, such as turbine rotor couplings.

Shaft Alignment

  • 4-axis simultaneous live graphics (vertical center and angle and
    horizontal center and angle) in a large, concise, color display.
  • Robust, IR-based remote wireless communication eliminates bulky cabling.
  • Rugged laptop computer is designed for shop-floor environments and can store a virtually unlimited amount of alignment reports and setups.
  • 1.65 in. (42mm) target measuring range handles large thermal offsets.
  • Submicron resolution (angular accuracy is 10 micro radians).
  • Automatic target sensing of starting and stopping points. Sweep angle can be as little as 60º.
  • Up to 30-foot (9.1 M) operational range between laser and target.
  • Laser has horizontal beam adjustment for even quicker setup.
  • Target and laser are pre-aligned to brackets. Many flexible mounting configurations available.

L-775 Laser



670 mm

Beam Power:

<0.9 mW

Operating Range:

30 ft. (9.1 m)

Power Supply:

7.4 V rechargeable battery w/AC adapter

Battery Life:

50 hrs. continuous use


3.88 in. W x 3.76 in. H x 1.68 in. D
(98.6 mm x 95.5 mm x 42.7 mm)


1.1 lbs. (0.5 kg)

T-1275 Target



Sealable 5-axis target w/infrared transmission module


.00004 in. (0.001 mm) vertically
.00002 in. (0.0005 mm) horizontally

Angular Accuracy:

2 arcsec (10 micro radians) or better vertically
1 arcsec (5 micro radians) or better horizontally

PSD Sensor:

1.65 in. or 42 mm vertical range (±20 mm)
0.4 in. or 10 mm horizontal range

Rotation Sensor:

Accelerometer (0.1º resolution)

Power Supply:

7.4V rechargeable battery with AC adapter

Battery Life:

14 hours continuous use


3.88 in. W x 3.76 in. H x 2.64 in. D


1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg)

A-908 Infrared Frequency-Modulated Receiver



3.5 MHz


20 ft. (6 m) reflected, 50 ft. (25 m) direct line of sight

Baud Rate:

19.2 kb

Target Reading Transmission Rate:

Up to 15 readings per


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" I’m a field vibration analyst with CMS, a company that provides full-service PM support. The [X-990] is the best shaft alignment system I’ve ever used, and I’ve used it to align everything from extremely small pumps to large pumps for power plants. There’s a lot I like about Hamar’s [X-990]: You can leave the heads in one position and make the vertical and horizontal moves, a big time-saving feature. It’s extremely accurate, transmits alignment data wirelessly using Bluetooth and has a very intuitive, easy-to-use software package [Couple6]. It incorporates ambient lighting correction and has a sun filter for outdoor jobs, and it uses a PC tablet instead of a dedicated display. This tool makes us really shine as reliability pros. We’ve been very happy with Hamar Laser and the [X-990]!"
Justin Pope
Vibration Analyst Condition Monitoring Services, Nipomo, CA

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