S-660 3-Axis Laser Alignment System [DISCONTINUED – STILL SUPPORTED]

S-660 3-Axis Laser Alignment System [DISCONTINUED – STILL SUPPORTED]

The S-660 offers a high-tech shaft alignment solution for a low-tech price. The system packs in the features and offers loads of “little things” that make this the best system in the entry-level end of the market. It can handle most day-to-day standard shaft alignment applications with ease and has been designed to last a long, long time.

The S-660 includes:

L-780 Dual-Fan™ Laser Head

  • 2 Uni-Directional, Parallel Laser Fans with extremely low divergence of only 0.3 degrees (1 inch at 15 feet or 25 mm at 4.5 m) is much safer than the competitor 6 degree fans that are up to 1.5 feet (450 mm) at 15 feet.
  • Blinking laser beams for ambient light correction IP67 housing allows it to be submerged in water up to 3 feet (1 m).
  • Operating range of 15 feet (4.5 meters) from laser to target.
  • 125-hour battery life. Can be operated while plugged into A/C charger.
  • Laser-On and Low Battery LED’s.

T-1280 Wireless 3-Axis Target

  • 1-Axis 20 mm Dual-Fan™ PSDs with 1 micron resolution
    <0.75% Offset Error and <1.5% Angular Error
    +/- 2 degrees angular measuring range.
  • .25” (5 mm) to 15 feet (4.5 m) operating range between target/laser.
  • Rotation axis accelerometer 0.1 degree resolution.
  • Bluetooth Class I wireless communication with range of 30 feet (10 m).
  • IP67 housing allows it to be submerged in water up to 3 feet (1 m).
  • 15-hour (continuous) battery life.
  • Wireless Link, On-Target, Data Communication and Low Battery LED’s.

A-970 Aluminum Shaft Brackets

  • Set of 2 aluminum quick-connect brackets for shafts from 1.5” (38 mm) to 6” (152 mm) shaft diameter.
  • Set of 4 6” (152 mm) posts.
  • Stainless steel chain with magnetic tip to secure extra chain and protect the equipment.
  • Optional A-970 A Chain Bracket Upgrade includes: extra set of chain for shafts up to 12” (304 mm) in diameter and Set of 4 12” (304mm) posts.
  • Fits into carrying case with posts connected.

R-1342T3 10” Touchscreen Win10 Tablet Display Box

  • Rugged Windows 10 tablet with IP65, MIL-STD-810g & MIL-STD-461F rating.
  • 10.1? Full-HD capacitive touch screen. Outdoor viewable 1920 x 1200 resolution.
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 LE and Wi-Fi 802.11ac.2.4GHz / 5GHz dual band.
  • 4GB RAM with 128GB storage to provide nearly unlimited file storage capacity.
  • 1 full size USB 3.0 + 3.5 mm headset jack Smart Card/CAC Reader
  • Camera: 8 megapixel back camera.
  • Operating Temp -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F).
  • COUPLE6 Software and Entry Level Feature License preloaded.

S-1396EL Entry-Level Feature License for Couple6 Software

  • Auto Clock™ Data-Taking Mode with up to 8 data points in 360 degrees. Min of 3 points.
  • 2-Tier, color coded recommended tolerances based on RPM.
  • User-defined tolerances.
  • Horizontal machines with coupled or uncoupled shafts.
  • Flip-It™ Feature that flips the screen orientation to match the view of the machine.
  • Thermal growth offset screen that allows you to model how thermal growth affects the alignment. Saves thermal growth values to offsets the final alignment.
  • Thermal Growth Foot calculator allows you to enter temperature changes at the feet to calculate coupling offset values.
  • Soft Foot detector with shim calculator.
  • Vertical Machine module.
  • Report module for color reports. Email PDF or Windows XPS formats.

PDF Datasheet Download
S-660-S & S-660-E 8pg brochure online viewing-rev K

Shaft Alignment

  • Advanced unidirectional Dual-Fan™ technology
    This innovative technology utilizes 2 unidirectional laser fans (shooting in 1 direction) that solves the rough-in (pre-alignment) problem with “over-under” lasers (2 lasers, 2 directions) and makes aligning machines amazingly fast and easy, especially on long-distance applications.  It also provides a very generous +/- 2º of angular range plus a fixed angular resolution that is 4x higher than the highest angular tolerance.  The result? More jobs done in less time. (And happier managers!)
  • Waterproof Bluetooth® wireless with long battery life
    With no cables to trip on or wrap around shafts, the S-660 platform makes for a safer work area, while giving you the freedom to go wherever you need to be, for 15 hours before recharging the battery. Our standard, Class 2 Bluetooth wireless technology offers up to 33 feet of communication range, and for wet work sites, the IP67-rated T-1280 target can be dunked in water up to 3 feet and still transmit data!
  • 20×1 mm PSD detector – 1.0 Micron resolution
    One of the laser industry’s highest-resolution single-axis PSD sensors, providing 0.00004 in. (0.001 mm) resolution and a measuring area of 20×1 mm, among the best in its class.
  • Duo-Plane™ live move screen for faster, easier alignments
    The Duo-Plane™ live move screen and T-1280 3-Axis target allow you to view a live alignment screen for both the vertical and horizontal planes (4 axes) on the same screen. To switch views, just rotate the shafts to a clock position and Couple6 automatically switches the H or V live axis without any buttons to push or screens to change, and the non-live axis is grayed out so there is no confusion!
  •  Large Rugged 10” Tablet Display Box
    Hamar Laser was the first in industry to offer a rugged tablet display box.   Why?  Instead of offering a proprietary display device like other manufacturers, we wanted our customers to benefit from advances in technology, such as larger screens, megapixel cameras, email on the run, 1 m drop testing, hot swappable batteries, training videos on-demand, unlimited data storage, etc.

Laser/Target Unit Size

4.2” x 3.3” x 1.94” (107 mm x 84 mm x 49 mm)

Housing Material

Impact resistant plastic

Detector Type & Size

1-axis PSD 20×1 mm (h) provides 2 continuously updating alignment axes (1 alignment plane).

Ambient Light Protection

Yes via blinking-laser algorithm embedded in all Stealth targets

Target Measurement Resolution

Offset: 1.0 micron (.00004”)
Angular: 0.025 mm/m (.0003”/ft.)

Target Measurement Accuracy

Offset: <0.75%
Angular: <1.5%

Angular Sensor Range

+/- 2° (+/- .034”/inch or 3.4 mm/100 mm)

Laser Type

650 nm dual-fan laser with 0.5° fan <0.9mW

Communication between Target & Data Analyzer

Wireless Bluetooth® Class 2 – 2.4 ghz

Wireless Range

Up to 33 feet (10 M)

Ruggedized Display Platform

Industrial tablet with 8”/10” touchscreen. MILSPEC 810G/IP65

Rotation Sensor (3rd axis)

Accelerometer Resolution: 0.1°
Accuracy: +/-1°. Measurement accuracy not affected by rotation sensor accuracy.


IP67 (laser & target). IP65 (R-1342T2).

Bracket Set

Covers 1” (25.4 mm) to 6” (152.4 mm) diameter shafts.
Comes with 6” (152.4 mm) posts

Application Range

15’ (4.5 m) between laser and target

Operating/Storage Temperature

Laser/Target: 5°F to 140°F (-15°C to 60°C) for laser, target. 32°F to
120°F (0°C to 49°C) for R-1342CRT, -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) for
R-1342RT, -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) for R-1342T2

Battery Life Target

15 hours continuous use with Bluetooth® — 16 hours with backup cable. Target can be plugged into power source during use Battery status indicator for both T-1280 Target and tablet.

Battery Life Laser

150+ hours continuous use. Blinking LED indicates low battery status

Battery Life Tablet

Up to 5 hours for R-1342CRT or 8 hours for R-1342RT/T2. Normal Use

AC Battery Charger (Laser and Target) 110V to 220V with U.S. and international adapters. Cable also works as a backup cable


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" I’m a field vibration analyst with CMS, a company that provides full-service PM support. The [X-990] is the best shaft alignment system I’ve ever used, and I’ve used it to align everything from extremely small pumps to large pumps for power plants. There’s a lot I like about Hamar’s [X-990]: You can leave the heads in one position and make the vertical and horizontal moves, a big time-saving feature. It’s extremely accurate, transmits alignment data wirelessly using Bluetooth and has a very intuitive, easy-to-use software package [Couple6]. It incorporates ambient lighting correction and has a sun filter for outdoor jobs, and it uses a PC tablet instead of a dedicated display. This tool makes us really shine as reliability pros. We’ve been very happy with Hamar Laser and the [X-990]!"
Justin Pope
Vibration Analyst Condition Monitoring Services, Nipomo, CA

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