S-680 5-Axis Laser Alignment System [DISCONTINUED – STILL SUPPORTED]

S-680 5-Axis Laser Alignment System [DISCONTINUED – STILL SUPPORTED]

When the Application and Tolerances Call for the Very Best
When there is no room for error, only one choice that has proven time and again to be the most accurate, easy-to-use and innovative system available today: the S-680T. Quit falling for “Easy” systems that are far from what their name implies, and don’t buy into the hype of over-engineered European laser systems and their sky-high prices. You deserve the feature rich & easy-to-use options that Stealth Alignment offers with more versatility and lower prices! If you don’t believe us, stop in anytime and we’ll go head-to-head, so you can see exactly why Stealth Alignment is the natural choice

Two Models to Meet Your Budget

With two models to choose from, both the S-680BT and the S-680T feature our patented Dual-Beam™ PSD Detector Technology and our 5-Axis Wireless Target.

The S-680T – our fully loaded, high-end package for the most demanding shaft alignment applications. The S-680T features a 10? Rugged Tablet PC, Full-Features Software License, Upgraded Brackets, Small-Diameter Shaft Brackets and an Outdoor Sunlight Filter and a sealed, rugged carrying case.

The S-680BT – offers most of the advanced features of the S-680T but without the extra options for the more budget-minded, high-end user. It features a 10? Rugged Tablet, Basic-Features Software License, Standard Brackets, Upgraded chains for larger diameter shafts and a sealed, rugged carrying case.

With the highest accuracy on the market, industry-leading graphics, the Duo-Plane™ live move screen, wireless communication and the powerful Couple6 Software, the S-680BT & S-680T offer the best value in the shaft alignment industry.

Duo-Plane™ Live Move Screen – Simply the Best

We designed our Couple6 software to run on large-display, rugged tablets for the ultimate in usability and convenience. It features our Duo-Plane™ Live Move Screen, which displays and updates the values for both Vertical & Horizontal alignment planes (4 axes) simultaneously. Couple6 also features our Easy-Guide™ approach to software navigation: just open the software, choose a file, and Couple6 will guide the user through the alignment and if needed, help text is just a click away. Advanced machine graphics continuously update showing the alignment of the machine as you move it.

Industry-Leading Accuracy and PSD Sensor Range

The S-680’s industry-leading accuracy comes from our patented Dual-Beam™ Technology that allows the measurement of offset and angle simultaneously with one PSD (sensor), thus eliminating 50% of measurement errors when using 2 sensors (all other systems use 2 sensors). But we didn’t stop there. We went even further by using super-linear, 33-mm PSD’s and state-of-the-art electronics to produce measurement accuracy that is up to 15 times better than our competitor’s high-end systems.

Feature Package
Technology: Dual-Beam™

Included in the S-680BT Kit:
Hardware: L-790 Laser & T-1290 5-Axis Wireless Target (both IP67), A-980 Stainless Steel Bracket Set for shafts 1.5? – 6? (37mm – 125mm), which includes 1 set 4? (101mm) posts and 1 set 8? (202mm) post, chain upgrade for shaft diameters from 1.5? (37.6mm) to 12? (304mm), & the A-812T Sealed, High Impact Shipping Case

Couple6 Basic-Features Software License: Auto Clock™, Auto Sweep™, Data Analyzer, Spacer (Jack) Shafts, Soft Foot Checker, Recommended Tolerances, Thermal Growth at the Coupling & Foot Calculator, User-Defined Tolerances, Vertical Machines, Unlimited file storage based on SSD and USB capacity, & Couple6 Report Printing Software

Upgraded Display Box for S-680BT: R-1342T2 10? Sunlight-Readable Touchscreen, IP65 Industrial Windows® Tablet (with drop specs equivalent to Mil-Spec 810G).

Couple6 Software Options (not included): Arc Mode™, Bolt Bound™, Point Mode, Results Table & History, Templates, Uncoupled Swipe Mode™, and Vertical Machine Live Move.

Included in the S-680T Kit:

Hardware: L-790 Laser & T-1290 5-Axis Wireless Target (both IP67), A-980 Stainless Steel Upgraded Bracket Set that includes 1 set 4? (101mm) posts, 1 set of 6? (152 mm) posts, 1 set 8? (202mm) posts, and 1 set 12? (304 mm) posts, chain upgrade for shaft diameters from 1.5? (37.6mm) to 12? (304mm), Sunlight Narrow-Band Filter & the A-812T Sealed, High Impact Shipping Case

Couple6 Full-Features Software License: Arc Mode™, Auto Clock™, Auto Sweep™ Bolt Bound™, Data Analyzer, Point Mode, Results Table & History, Soft Foot Checker, Recommended Tolerances, Spacer (Jack) Shafts, Templates, Thermal Growth at the Coupling & Foot Calculator, Uncoupled Swipe Mode™ User-Defined Tolerances, Vertical Machines, Vertical Live Move Screen, Unlimited file storage based on SSD and USB capacity, & Couple6 Report Printing Software.

Upgraded Display Box: R-1342T2 10? Sunlight-Readable Touchscreen, IP65 Industrial Windows® Tablet (with drop specs equivalent to Mil-Spec 810G).

Optional Display Box: R-1342T2UPG 10? Touchscreen, IP65 Industrial Windows® Combination Laptop/Tablet (ATEX:II 3G Ex ic IIC T4 Gc & UL: Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D T4 A – Available)

Optional Accessories for both S-680BT and S-680T: A-980B Small-Diameter Shaft Bracket with chain magnet, A-980A Chain Bracket Upgrade, A-980NRA 1 & 2 & A-980NRB Non-Rotating Shaft Bracket kit, A-982 Magnetic Brackets, A-980OF Offset Brackets, A-980D Extra Chain, PS-5VODU-US USB AC Adapter, A-1285A Light Shield with Filter for Outdoor Use and A-812XLT Sealed, Extra-Capacity Case with Wheels.

Shaft Alignment

  • The world’s most advanced laser alignment technology
    For over 50 years, we have been providing highly accurate alignment systems to many different industries and applications. We started in the machine tool industry where tolerances are high and applications are difficult, and then 20 years ago we developed the world’s first 4-axis shaft alignment system. All of that experience and knowledge has gone into the design of the S-680 platform Wireless 5-axis Shaft alignment system resulting in the most accurate and yet easy-to-use tool of its kind. You will find no better or faster system on the market to quickly and accurately align your rotating equipment.
  • Patented Dual-Beam™ technology reduces errors by 50%
    This breakthrough technology allows you to simultaneously measure offset and angle with only one PSD sensor, which increases PSD accuracy by 50%. It also utilizes uni-directional laser beams (2 lasers, 1 direction) that make aligning machines amazingly easy, especially on long-distance applications. Dual-Beam™ technology also provides an amazing +/- 5 degrees of angular range plus an angular resolution that is 10 times higher than the highest angular tolerance. The result? More jobs done in less time. (And happier managers!)
  • Waterproof Bluetooth® wireless with the industry’s longest battery life
    With no cables to trip on or wrap around shafts, the S-68O platform makes for a safer work area, while giving you the freedom to go wherever you need to be – for 14 hours before recharging the battery. Our standard, Class 1 Bluetooth wireless technology offers up to 100 feet of communication range, and for wet work sites, the IP67-rated T-1290 Target can be dunked in water up to 3 feet and still transmit data!
  • Super linear 33×13 mm PSD detector – 0.5 Micron resolution
    Laser industry’s highest-resolution 2-axis, super-linear PSD sensor, providing 0.5 micron resolution and a measuring area of 33 mm (V) x 13 mm (H). Another industry best.
  • Duo-Plane™ live move screen for faster, easier alignments
    The Duo-Plane™ live move screen and T-1290 5-axis target allow you to simultaneously view a live alignment screen for both the vertical and horizontal planes (4 axes) without having to rotate the shafts. This is critically important on large machine applications where tightening the bolts can create horizontal movement of the machine, causing you to have to redo the alignment.

Laser/Target Unit Size

4.2” x 3.3” x 2.2” (107 mm x 84 mm x 55 mm)

Housing Material

Impact resistant plastic

Detector Type & Size

2-axis super-linear PSD 33 mm (v) x 13 mm (h) provides 4 continuously updating alignment axes (2 alignment plane).

Target Measurement Resolution

Offset: 0.5 micron (.00002”)
Angular: 0.007 mm/m (.00008 in/ft)

Target Measurement Accuracy

Offset: <0.15%
Angular: <0.75%

Angular Sensor Range

+/- 5° (+/- .085”/inch or 8.5 mm/100 mm)

Laser Type

650 nm dual-beam laser with horizontal adjustment <0.9mW

Communication between Target & Data Analyzer

Wireless Bluetooth® Class 1
2.4 ghz plus backup cable

Wireless Range

Up to 100 feet (30 M)

Ruggedized Display Platform

Industrial tablet with 8” or 10” touchscreen.IP65/IP67/C1D2

Rotation Sensor (5th axis)

Accelerometer Resolution: 0.1°
Accuracy: +/-1°. Measurement accuracy not affected by rotation sensor accuracy.


IP67 (laser & target). IP65 (tablet).

Data Storage Capacity

Virtually Unlimited

Bracket Set

Covers 1” (25.4 mm) to 6” (152.4 mm) diameter shafts.
Comes with 4” (101.6 mm), and 8” (203.2 mm) posts

Application Range

33’ (10 m) between laser and target

Operating/Storage Temperature

5°F to 140°F (-15°C to 60°C) for Laser, Target
-4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) for R-1342T2/RT

Battery Life Target

14 hours continuous use with Bluetooth® — 15 hours with backup cable. Target can be plugged into power source during use. Battery status indicator for both T-1290 Target and PC.

Battery Life Laser

150+ hours continuous use. Blinking LED indicates low battery status

Battery Life Tablet

Up to 8 hours normal use

AC Battery Charger (Laser and Target)

110V to 220V with U.S. and European adapters.


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" I’m a field vibration analyst with CMS, a company that provides full-service PM support. The [X-990] is the best shaft alignment system I’ve ever used, and I’ve used it to align everything from extremely small pumps to large pumps for power plants. There’s a lot I like about Hamar’s [X-990]: You can leave the heads in one position and make the vertical and horizontal moves, a big time-saving feature. It’s extremely accurate, transmits alignment data wirelessly using Bluetooth and has a very intuitive, easy-to-use software package [Couple6]. It incorporates ambient lighting correction and has a sun filter for outdoor jobs, and it uses a PC tablet instead of a dedicated display. This tool makes us really shine as reliability pros. We’ve been very happy with Hamar Laser and the [X-990]!"
Justin Pope
Vibration Analyst Condition Monitoring Services, Nipomo, CA

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